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Physis - The Editor Setup

Physis - The Editor Setup

Physis - The Editor Setup

Physis - The Editor Setup

Physis - The Editor DEMO Setup.exe

"Physis-The Editor" is an excellent software tool for Physis Organs editing.
It allows the finest finishing and personalization like stop by stop, note by note volume and pitch regulation, stop disposition, internal and external routing, and all you need to make Your Organ "Like No Other".
Here you can download the latest available release, or a DEMO version of the software package. 
Who is interested in purchasing "Physis - The Editor" may request information (costs, how to get it) by sending an email to: or

Editor Version    O.S. Version
1.7.1         1.6.0 - 1.12.3
1.8.1         1.13.0 - 1.13.3
1.9.0         1.13.4
1.10.2         1.14.0 and above

Operating System Update:

O.S. Current Release: 1.14.14

Before installing, please read carefully the update guide. WARNING: To install the currente release you must have already installed the 1.3.0 release or above. For assistance with the update package, contact customer service at


ReleaseHistory 1.14.14_EN_.pdf