Physis Piano H2


If you’re looking for the absolute highest performance stage or studio digital piano, the H-series models have been developed for you!


Physical modeling sound technology gives you the most expressive and authentic sound available.

A powerful, yet easy-to-use multi-touch user interface

A sturdy – yet supremely elegant design.


The Physis Piano generates sound through a Patented system of mathematical algorithms. This process reproduces with absolute fidelity the dynamics and physical-acoustic phenomena of the piano – giving you the absolute most expressive and authentic playing experience.

Taking over 7 years of intense research, the Physis Piano contains six different sound generation algorithms:


: Acoustic Piano Model (APM), Electric Piano Model (EPM), Wurly Piano Model (WPM),

Clavi Piano Model (CPM), Acoustic Mallet Model (AMM), High Definition Sound Engine (HDSE). This sound library has been designed and optimized to give you a set of reference sounds of a fidelity never experienced before.

The expressive possibilities of the Physis Piano are limitless. This instrument gives you not only a great control over the sound, but also endless customization.

You can create your own piano – modifying the length of the piano, the resonance of the strings, the morphology of the hammers and much more! Or, configure your own electric piano – modifying the position of the transducers or the size of the tone

bar. Everything thanks to the amazing internal computational power which is estimated at up to 24 BILLION calculations per second!